Battery Replacement

Watch battery replacement

When your watch needs a battery replacement, why not send it to a professional watch repairer? We include comprehensive movement testing as part of this service. Most, if not all watch manufacturers insist on these tests, yet, many workshops do not carry them out.  We use specialist equipment to ensure your new battery will last the course.

We use Swiss Renata batteries unless there is a good reason why we should use an alternative. I use Renata because they perform better for longer. Also, they have in-built protection against leakage. This is why I use them as do the majority of Swiss watch manufacturers.

Why we carry out these tests

The lubricants in a watch become thicker with age. The problem with this is that the watch has to work harder to overcome this extra load. Many watches have adaptive motor control built-in where it is able to compensate for this. It does so by increasing power to the motor ensuring the watch continues to run. The down-side of this is it causes your watch to drain the battery faster than normal. We also check the lower working limit and that the Battery EOL (end of life) feature where present functions as, and when it should.

We include a 12 month guarantee on each battery we fit.

Before sending your watch, please contact us first by telephone or use the contact form. I will then be able to assist you further.