Case Refurbishment

Case and Bracelet Refurbishment

We provide a professional case and bracelet refurbishment service, or re-finishing as it is also known. Wear and tear from daily use, not to mention accidental damage can take it’s toll on a watch. It can remove the finer details and look like it has seen better days.

It is hardly surprising this happens when we wear our watch up to 365 days a year. Also, we forget to take our watch off when doing jobs around the home to only regret it later. I know this feeling all too well, I have done it myself.

The appearance of the watch can sway a decision towards not having a service carried out. The concern being that after repair, it will still look like the same old watch. Refurbishment can remedy this.

Refurbishment can transform your watch

Here I will show what we can achieve with case and bracelet refurbishment. It can give a watch a new lease of life and improve its appearance. We have even had feedback where the customer thought we had fitted a new case and bracelet!

We can also refill missing paint from case and bezel engraving.
Over time, the bond between the paint and case engraving can break down. This causes the paint to fall out. For someone that notices minor imperfections like this, it can be quite annoying. This problem detracts from the quality, appearance and ‘feel’ of the watch. Not to worry, this fault is usually simple to rectify.

With so many options available, why not contact us to see what we can do for your watch?