How i started
As far back as i can remember,  I enjoyed taking things apart. I found it fascinating to try to figure out how stuff works. Academically, my strengths were in business studies, science, design and technology. Little did I know that these would form a significant part of my career.
When I finished my education in 1995, I visited our local career centre with no specific job type in mind. When asked about the job I would like to do, I suggested that i’d like to be a car mechanic as it seemed to tick most of the boxes. The lady responded with “Those positions are taken, but we do have this…”

The placement was for a trainee watch repairer at Robert Jones. I was sucessful at interview and enjoyed working there for over 12 years.
What about business?
In the back of my mind, i had always liked the idea of running my own business and with that, i decided that it was something i must do, so i left Roberts with my position held open.
I am very grateful to Robert for taking me on for those years. I would also like to thank Bob Sturgess and Richard Davy for teaching me this craft.
Any downsides to becoming self-employed?

I originally started out with one job description,  I now seem to have six or more. This is a familiar story to anyone that starts their own business, however i am happy to be behind the wheel.

Where do i see myself in future?
For the time being, I am working from home but, I am pushing towards having my own ‘bricks and mortar’ workshop with a reception for people to visit.