When sending your timepiece to us for a watch service you can be sure it will receive the utmost care and attention. The basis for any watch service must be to restore it to full working order, keep time and be reliable. We achieve this by adhering to the manufacturers documentation. Also, using the recommended lubricants will ensure your watch service lasts longer. If you would like to know more details about what a watch service entails, please read on.


Watch service – movement disassembly
Watch service movement disassembled
A disassembled Calibre 16 movement, base ETA 7750

When I receive a timepiece for a  watch service, I remove the movement from the case. Then I remove the dial and hands. Next, we disassemble the movement. When removing parts, we inspect them for damage or wear. I also like to make some adjustments and repairs now to reduce handling after cleaning.

Watch service Elmasolvex VA baskets
Movement parts in baskets

Satisfied that all parts are serviceable, they go through our Elmasolvex VA cleaning machine which uses solutions that remove old oils and grease. It also has ultrasonic and vacuum technology to ensure optimum cleaning throughout.

Watch service Pegwood cleaning jewel holes and bearings
Using pegwood to clean jewel bearings

We then lay out the parts on the bench and the bearings are cleaned using Pegwood. This is to ensure they are perfectly clean and now we start the re-assembly process.

Watch service – movement re-assembly


Watch service Calibre 16 Winding and setting work
Valjoux 7750 winding and setting work.

The very first stage of putting our movement together is to assemble,  lubricate then check the winding and setting mechanism.

We then fit the barrel, train wheels and bridge. Now we have a ticking movement, we test it on the timing machine to ensure that it is running well.

Watch service lubricants
A selection of some of our most commonly used lubricants

Now we assemble and lubricate  components that are for chronograph function and test them.

The last stage is to assemble, lubricate and adjust the date work
At this time, I check the watch on the timing machine again, both with and then without the chronograph running.

Watch service TAG Heuer Carrera CV2010
Carrera CV2010 final inspection

We fit the dial and hands, then test chronograph functions and adjust as required. We now case up the movement and use the timing machine to check regulation. Finally, we place it on the rotation machine.

Before sending your watch, please contact us first by telephone or use the contact form above. I will then be able to assist you better.